Double Dagger

Double Dagger 1.jpg

The first issue of Double Dagger landed here at the shop late last week, and it has been our fuel for the last couple of days - filling our eyeballs and souls with words and images by some dedicated, hard-working printers. It’s a gorgeous 12 page “newspaper” (large format, roughly 14”x20” folded, 28”x20” spread) printed entirely from hot-metal and wood type. Pat Randle of Nomad Letterpress/Whittington Press and Nick Loaring of The Print Project are the guys behind this publication, we can’t thank them enough for making it happen. It’s an inspiring bit of work and an impressive accomplishment, given that both dudes work overtime slinging ink as printers at their day jobs. Did I mention that this was printed all from metal and wood type? Yes. I did. But I’ll say it again. Microchips didn’t touch this paper, it was produced from wood and metal. And heart and soul. You’ll know it when you hold it. It’s only £10.00, so you can get your hands on a copy for the price of sandwich. Amazing. You can purchase a copy here. Double Dagger contains wonderful articles “focusing on the role of letterpress in todays digital age” by contributors Angie Butler (twitter @angelacbutler), Dafi Kühne of Babyinktwice, David Armes of Red Plate Press, Gee Vaucher of Exitstencil Press , Graham Moss of Incline Press, Lucy Jenner of Ditchling Museum of Art Craft, Marta Dos Santos, Editor/Printers/Founders Nick and Pat both include articles as well, Hannah Cousins contributes her illustrations / linoleum cuts, and there’s even an opinion piece penned by yours truly. We encourage you to pick up a copy, it’s a great celebration of the craft of Letterpress printing today, and a fantastic opportunity to experience a large format newspaper created exclusively from mechanical composition. Bravo, guys.