Accomplish Round Shadows.


Here are 3 keepsake cards which make use of 2 of our house colors: Red 032 and Cyan. These 2 colors are a classic combo. An infinite amount of fun and overprint creations can be made with this duo. When stacking the colors at 100%, a pleasing rich purple can be obtained. Apply a screen tint to the 032 and something peachy is the result. Combine a tint with a solid? Well. The possibilities are endless. Here we are employing the effects of heavy ink saturation, coarse 65 square dot line screens and overprinting to create a look of esteemed playfulness. The 3 cards are printed on the uncoated “Kraft” side of our custom made heavy weight “Stumptown Printers Kraft Duplex” paper.

The musical instrument images used on these 3 cards existed originally as wood engraved relief printing blocks. These images were scanned and output to film for offset litho printing. The type faces used originated from facsimiles of nineteenth century type specimen books (one of which can still be purchased here) brought back to life by Dave Peat and Richard Hopkins. The descriptive informational tagline on the back of the card was cast in Linotype Melior 6 ^ 8486 and letterpress printed from the original Linotype slugs.

For four bucks a pop, these cards are an excellent representation of several analog commercial print techniques. Our keepsake cards are continental-sized (4" x 6") with blank area for note writing, and are packaged with a custom-made envelope which includes decorative linotype-composed printing, and an information tag that describes the production process and equipment used to produce the print.  

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