Well, well - it’s Claudelle. Limited to 150 pieces, our house metallic silver ink along with house black pushes and pulls the overprint to create a nice geometric balance. This is a good example of how metallic appears on uncoated stock, and also demonstrates the opaque strength of metallics when overprinting.

Letterpress printed from a single 11pt magnesium metal letterpress relief plate on nice heavy and textured Mohawk Felt White 100% PCW Recycled papers. This paper is another one of our standard offerings.

Stumptown Printers keepsake prints are made in small batch editions using traditional commercial printing techniques.

Each package contains a continental-sized (4" x 6") print with blank area for note writing, a custom-made envelope which includes decorative linotype-composed printing, and an information tag that describes the production process and equipment used to produce the print.

Only 4 dollars, and limited to a run of 150 pieces, this print is another keepsake that represents our hands-on production methods.

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