The Ladybug Pack

The Ladybug Pack.jpg

After several prototypes and revisions, “The Ladybug Pack” has landed. Inspired by our “Brad Pack” cassette package and our “Arigato Pak” we developed this package design for our friends in the cannabis biz. Designed to safely hold 5 pre-rolls, The Ladybug Pack is made with our custom 100% recycled and locally made paper, and is assembled by an innovative locking tab fastener which uses no adhesives or animal glue to hold tight and sturdy. We reinforced the spines of the package by adding an extra folding layer so your joints won’t get crushed if you leave them in your jeans pocket. There’s plenty of room for graphics and text. Compact, 100% environmentally responsible and designed, printed and manufactured right here at Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon. Give us a shout if you’d like additional info or samples.

The Ladybug Pack 3.jpg
The Ladybug Pack 1.jpg