Heading to Marfa Myths...

Marfa Myths Limited Edition Print 1.JPG
Marfa Myths Limited Edition Print 2.JPG

Rebecca and Brian are en route to the 5th annual music festival and multidisciplinary cultural program Marfa Myths which is the collaborative effort of Mexican Summer and Ballroom Marfa. We crated up a couple 14x22 type forms containing both foundry and wood type and shipped them ahead (crossing our fingers that the type will survive the adventure) which will be used in conjunction with a special exhibit and book release for "Peter Coffin's
Imaginary Concerts" published by Anthology Editions
. With the generous loan of a sign press from Laura Thoms of Red Press, visitors will be able to hand-ink and print their own poster.

Pictured above is a very limited edition Marfa Myths keepsake broadside printed at Stumptown Printers over the last couple of late evenings after the job work was complete. The prints use traditional (analog) composition and are letterpress printed from types and ornaments cast on our Linotype as well as some Monotype ornaments cast by Rebecca at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry. The type face is Dwiggins' 14pt Electra with short descenders. The tagline / colophon is cast in 6pt Spartan Heavy. The prints are 12"x12." Edition of 63. 

If you are attending Myths, stop by and say hello.


Brian Bagdonas