Born A Lot's "Wild Constitution" LP Jacket


On press, the record jacket for Portland supergroup Born A Lot's forthcoming album. The LP release, “Wild Constitution,” will soon be released on Portland’s Nadine Records. Printed process color, dry trapped one pass at a time. Dry trapping process color printing is a slower process than inline printing. But it’s fun, and provides the benefit of being able to respond to the decrease of optical density after the ink has dried back on prior passes. For this example, we were able to make slight adjustments to the yellow mix to strengthen its presence in the printed image. The texture and finish of the 18 pt. Kraft Duplex stock adds a complimentary level of saturation and dot gain to the image, lending warmth and added dimension to an already striking image. Check soon for Born A Lot’s “Wild Constitution” LP at an independent record store near you!

Eric Bagdonas