Reminder! Tomorrow: "Lino Lager" tasting and chewing the fat about classic commercial print at Stumptown Printers Worker Cooperative

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Friday, August 3rd 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Stumptown Printers Worker Cooperative
Steps away from the Yellow Line Albina/Mississippi MAX Station
2293 N. Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97227

Hey everyone, we’re looking forward to this event! Hanging with friends and colleagues from near and far while sharing stories, talking shop and enjoying a local brew will be a perfect way to wrap up a big week, or in the case of our friends who are attending TypeCon - it will be an ideal way to kick off a big weekend! The Linotype machine will be on, we’ll give demos if requested. We’ll also have examples of “analog” offset litho printing produced from vintage contact pattern screens, rubylith, etc. But most of all, we’re just excited to see you and hear about what you have been up to. Let’s talk about meaningful print projects. Let’s talk about Ottmar Mergenthaler. Let’s talk about mixing ink. Metal type. Real film and hand developed litho plates. Beer. Bridges. Sun sets. Or what ever else is on your mind.

“Lino-Lager” was created to honor the Linotype Machine, classic commercial print and a job well done. The beer is delicious. It was bottled only days ago in a very limited batch (only 60 bottles). Royale Brewing went above and beyond to make this beer bottling a special one, with classy 500ML bottles and a cap to match our printing. When you see the bottle, I think you’ll agree that it’s a special thing.

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Label printing notes
Printed from Linotype composition, we used the following types and ornaments: 9^256 Olympian (one of the last Linotype typefaces cut for Linotype hot metal type composition. Designed by Matthew Carter in 1970), 6^496 Spartan Heavy, 30^53 De Vinne Condensed Outline and border matrix slides 4pt 1617, 6pt 1317.





Brian Bagdonas