Friends, it’s time to wrap-up Stumptown Printers, and call this adventure a success.

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This year, 2019, marked our twentieth year in business. We are so thankful for all the amazing people we’ve had the opportunity to work with in the past two decades — small upstart companies, artists, independent musicians, record labels and individuals who we have had the honor to collaborate with on print projects of all kinds. It’s been wonderful to grow with all of you. We’re proud of all the sweat, ink, and hours that have gone into the Stumptown Printers endeavor.

Lots have changed in these twenty years. Technology shifts, material availability, and the rapidly climbing cost of living in our city have all affected our ability to continue to operate this little shop at sustainable levels. When our lease expired recently we searched for alternative locations that would be viable for the continuation of our business and while we appreciate all the helpful suggestions and leads, nothing quite worked out. We’re going to continue print projects, but we’ve decided to shift our focus away from commercial printing.

From here forward we’ll be taking on a limited amount of commission printing as we transition to smaller and part-time print studios. If you are an existing customer and need a reprint or have a project you’d like to run by us, by all means reach out! We are happy to work with you to find a print solution for your project and most of our original packaging designs can be licensed.

Blank packaging can be purchased through our online store until our inventory is depleted.

Thank you for making our journey possible by investing and engaging in craft printing with a focus on environmental responsibility and cooperative business practices. It has taken us on a professional journey we never imagined was possible when we moved two presses into the back warehouse corner of the Glass Factory rock club in 1999. Our years as Stumptown Printers offered meaningful work, a quest for mastery, and a chance to live our lives in alignment with our ethics. It sets a high standard for how we will continue to navigate this world.

Ever onward,

- Brian, Eric, Rebecca


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Brian Bagdonas