Limited edition Linotype composed Holiday card - Gifts that fulfill


Composed primarily of type and ornaments cast at Stumptown Printers on our 1946 Linotype machine, this letterpress printed fellow delivers gifts that fulfill.

This typographic santa’s sack of gifts is made from Linotype Garamond 6^274, red suit is made from border slide matrix 1341B and 1351A, his boots are made from foundry 60pt Corvinus cap “P”, and his face is made up of an 18pt Hand Tooled Goudy lowercase “o”, a 36pt Tower cap “T”, a 18pt Cheltenham Italic lowercase “o”, and a 24pt Goudy cap “I.”

Originally created for the “Grand (International) Letterpress Christmas Card Exchange 2015” we are making the remaining prints available for purchase. If you are in Portland, you can pick one up at one of our favorite local bookshops: Passages Bookshop & Gallery, or purchase on-line at BuyOlympia, or pick one up here at Stumptown Printers.