Old Time Gathering Open House Today


The 18th annual Portland Old-Time Music Gathering kicked off this week, despite Portland’s recent experimental makeover as an alpine ski village.

We’re opening our doors today for attendees of the Gathering (or for curious non-attendees). Come on by from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm on your way to The Tiffany Center (POTMG main venue) and check out the shop! We’ll have a special POTMG commemorative keepsake print available, and have on display some of the old-time music related printing we’ve done over the past 18 years. And tunes by Chris Miller and friends!

The Portland Old-Time Music Gathering is an all volunteer run and organized event, covering five days and many venues. If you’re in Portland this week you’ll probably hear the sometimes raucous but always joyous sound of fiddles and banjos somewhere.

All activities are very conveniently located on bus and MAX lines, so no need to risk driving in ice and snow, folks! Our shop is located ten paces from the Albina/Mississippi Max stop. Trimet has you covered.

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