New Kraft Duplex!

We’re excited to announce that our current custom run of Kraft Duplex paperboard has arrived from the mill!


The stock that we use here at the shop- especially the paperboard for record jackets, cassette covers, and product packaging- has to have excellent printability for both letterpress and offset litho. It has to be durable and have all the characteristics of good folding carton-grade board and hold up well to die cutting and creasing applications. It has to be recycled, have an interesting texture, has to be made in the USA, and of course, it has to look great.

Our current Kraft Duplex stock meets all the above requirements. It’s an uncoated, 100% recycled paperboard with a natural linen-like texture. One side of the stock is a muted but rich antique white color with a subtle texture, and the other side features the warmth and intrigue of raw unbleached recycled fiber. Overall it is reminiscent of the the stock used in the more textural print work of the best 1960s and early 70s record jackets.

The Kraft Duplex stock is produced in FSC certified mills, and its low density fiber consistency requires less water and power to manufacture. It’s sustainable and beautiful, looks great printed and feels good to hold in hand. It’s heavy and durable, and wears in beautifully in well-loved record collections alongside the vintage gems. We’re proud to be the only record jacket printers to offer the stock, and one of the few to offer this type of paperboard for custom packaging work in general.

Our Kraft Duplex stock is available in limited quantity and by special mill run, so let us know if you’d like to reserve some stock for an upcoming project, or check out some samples.

The selections above are LP jacket projects that we’ve created using the Kraft Duplex stock. Stop by to check out some of these beauties in person!


Sample photos:

Oxbow “Thin Black Duke” / Hydra Head Records
Bronze / Rvng Intl Records
George Mukabi / Mississippi Records, Olvido Records, Raw Music International
Amadou Binta Konté and Tidiane Thiam “Waande Kadde” / Sahel Sounds
Lithics “Borrowed Floors” / Water Wing Records