A new Stumptown Printers website is on its way…

Stumptown Printers Website on Linotype Keyboard.jpg

Please pardon our web-dust as we reconfigure and prepare to relaunch our website. After serving us well for close to 9 years, we’re retiring the current version. It has been a trusty workhorse (maybe horse years aren’t a good analogy for web years. Dog years? Bird Years?) though by today’s web browsing standards, it has become dated and incompatible with newer devices. It’s tough to see it go considering all the time that was put into building the site from scratch, but that’s the way it goes in web-land.

Our goal with the new site is to provide a quick way to get in touch with us, maybe present some current happenings and projects in the shop, but otherwise attempt to cut down on time spent on the web, and increase time spent in real people time (not horse, dog, bird or google time) discussing print and packaging projects directly with you. As a shop that focuses on analog and commercial craft print techniques, the more direct human communication is better for us and you. As we grow our offerings of standard packaging designs, we will be updating our physical print catalog, and as such, we encourage you to order a paper copy of the current catalog. You can do so here. As always, thank you for your support, we’ll see you at the shop or on the web soon.