Three Portland small businesses can use a helping hand

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Eberhardt Press is one of the hardest working, real-ink-on-paper printing job shops and publishers that we know. During their 13+ years of existence they’ve already produced a lifetime worth of inspiring print work- both commercial work and their own publishing projects.  “The Tramp Printers - Forgotten Trails of the Traveling Typographers” book pictured in this post is an example of a book entirely written, designed, and printed in-house at @eberhardtpress.  Just got the news that they (and Printed Matter and Devout Records, who share the same building) have to contend with a doozy of a bad deal- the building that they’ve been leasing for a decade has been sold and the condo developer who purchased it has given them virtually no notice- just two weeks to vacate. 

All three business do great work and we’ve had the pleasure of working with all three on various projects over the years. They’ve got a kickstarter campaign to help with relocation costs. Check that out or check out their web stores, or send ‘em a shout out to let them know that you appreciate their work- they can use any kind of support during this challenging time. We’re sickened by this news, and extremely disheartened by what seems to be the new normal of Portland development. C’mon, Portland- you can do better than that- let’s not continue to squeeze out the small businesses that helped create your flair and vibrancy in the first place. 

Eric Bagdonas