Pressing On: Portland Screening


The C.C. Stern Type Foundry is presenting a screening of Pressing On: The Letterpress Film this coming Tuesday, the 19th at The Clinton Street Theater. You can see the post about the event and get details here. It’s a beautifully shot film that interviews multiple generations of the letterpress community in the Midwest. Some of our favorite printers and type casters are featured, including a few that we visited in their home shops just a couple weeks ago!

We printed the poster here at Stumptown Printers — a form constructed entirely of hot metal composition. A real treat for us!  Ludlow, Linotype and a Monotype Sorts Caster were all used to cast the type and ornamentation, which we printed in two colors on Fabriano Rosapina. The particulars are in that red arrow, if you truly want to geek out about which type face is which. A limited amount of posters will be for sale at the event, helping to support the costs of the film screening.

Looking forward to gathering at the theater!