TextEdit 12pt Helvetica to Linotype 6 ^ 8486 Melior

8486 Melior.jpg

Friday. This morning I put a carrot on the end of the job work stick and that carrot was in the form of an hour on the Linotype machine. Easy bribe to myself. It worked. Like a worn-out old mule I slowly but steadily accomplished the job work at hand. Actually, the job work was just fine, no complaints, but it was fun to think about some lino time as we carried out the production work. The Linotype slugs that were cast today are for a project that Eric started a couple months ago. Eric printed 4 “Analog” “keepsake” cards as a part of his color studies, composed with hand cut rubylith masks, and contact texture screens. I dig ‘em. So I apologize that I’ve been holding the project up. We’ll make them available in a set of four. Eric will tell you more about them next week after we have imprinted the cards with the Linotype composition. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Brian BagdonasLinotype, Letterpress