Joyful Noise Mystery Single series 7 inch Arigato Pak!

Joyful Noise Mystery Single hot off the press.jpg
Joyful Noise Mystery Single Ready To Ship2.jpg

Pics from the print production of the latest Mystery Single series covers by Joyful Noise.  This is a customized version of our 7 inch Arigato Pak. It will house limited 7 inch releases available exclusively to subscribers of the Joyful Noise Mystery Singles series. We’re always pleased when a Joyful Noise project is on press. Art director David J. Woodruff is a master of the vectors - he does beautiful, meticulous work which matches materials and spot colors perfectly to our print process. This piece incorporates silver metallic ink on a beefy uncoated 100% recycled cover sheet, and is finished with a custom die-cut reveal window. Nice stuff, and fun for us to print and die-cut. You can subscribe to the Joyful Noise 7" Singles Series and receive a unique release each month. Here’s the link. Also, while you are at their site, check out the other subscriptions that they offer. Joyful Noise does a fantastic job at combining sound and physical art, resulting in a musical artifact that you’ll want to hang on to.


Brian Bagdonas