Introducing the 12 Inch Arigato Pak!

Stack Of Arigato Paks2.jpg
Folding Arigato 12 Inch.JPG

The big brother of our popular Arigato Pak! is now in production at Stumptown Printers. The first couple releases to use the package design have recently rolled off of the presses. With the introduction of the 12 inch Arigato Pak! the package is now available at the CD/DVD size, 7 inch record size, and full 12” record format. Like our other Arigato Pak designs, the big version of the Arigato Pak! is handsome, versatile, and stands out against the landscape of C1S album packaging.

The 12 inch Arigato Pak! is a smart alternative to gatefold or trifold album packages due to its capacity and generous artwork display area. At two different spine thicknesses, the Arigato Pak! is ideal for double, triple or quadruple record sets. The package is designed to be printed and manufactured using our heavy un-coated 24pt 100% recycled papers, it has a spine which can display artist and album name on all four sides of the cover, it holds securely together with unique folding and tab design which eliminates the need for glue or other adhesives to assemble. There is ample room on the package for printing artwork, liner notes and lyrics. It’s a lot less fussy than many styles of jackets . How many times have you had to struggle while returning a record in its dust sleeve to the pocket of a gatefold LP jacket? Plenty. Not a problem with the 12 inch Arigato Pak!, which allows for your records to be placed securely where they belong without crumbling the sleeve. Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more about the new design.