We need to raise some funds quick! Print sales and specials!

The old shop space back in 1999

The old shop space back in 1999

Friends and practitioners of print, fans of type, ink connoisseurs, nerds of the word and music packaging aficionados, we could use a hand!

Stumptown Printers is very nearly 20 years old, ancient in smart-phone years but just getting started in Gutenberg years. The long game plan is and always has been to print ’til the end.

Until recently, our worker-cooperative commercial print shop has been happily plugging away here in Portland. We’ve collaborated with amazing independent musicians and businesses, have had the opportunity to put some incredible work onto paper, donated printing to many worthwhile organizations, offered educational internships and employment, and have built print-friendships all around the world. We’re proud of our modest and honest hard-working little business.

However, as we enter our twentieth year, we’re looking at significant challenges.

Portland has grown in certain ways that we haven’t, the music industry has changed dramatically, and the big-daddy commercial printing industry has imploded – which has its trickle-down effects on small shops like Stumptown Printers. The costs of paper, inks, and supplies have increased more rapidly in the last 6 months than during our previous years in business.

With increased costs of doing business and as our shop lease nears its end in Portland, we need to move to a new site, and adjust our strategy.

We’ve been actively working to create more opportunities to further the craft of printing through this business and related volunteer activities. In order to get there, we need a boost. We need to raise some cash, and we need to do it fast.

Here’s how you can help:

1. If you have been considering placing a job with us, now would be a very good time to do so! Please talk to us about your print and/or packaging project (see some of our new offerings below).

2. For the month of July, we’re offering some of our printed matter bundled to entice you, and at bargain rates. Consider these as a way to reduce our inventory and reward yourself or a friend with some neat litho and letterpress ephemera.

3. Be on the lookout for special print package deals during the month of July. As we take inventory of our paper stock, we will offering appropriate discounts on some of our print packaging designs. The specials won’t last long, and will be limited, so please hop on them.

4. For those of you who live lighter and celebrate experience more than “stuff”, we offer the clutter-free option to donate to the Workers’ Benevolent Fund (formerly the Workers’ Beer Fund). We promise to put it to good use.

5. We need space and it doesn’t have to be pretty. Does your aunt have an old pole-barn or shop space on the outskirts of Portland that she wants to get rid of? Call now!

6. Got ideas for us? Let us know!

In the works are publishing projects, teaching and workshops, collaborations with arts organizations, equipment restoration, and of course, creative projects with you. Big plans, but doable. Any purchase or donation will help us get a little closer to our goals.

Whew. Well, friends, that was a tough note to write, but that’s where we are. The last year or so has been rough for our business and other small craft-based businesses here in Portland. Judging by the conversations that we’ve had with many of you at events, shows and around the composing stone, we believe that you’ll agree that community-driven business and quality ink-on-paper are worth fighting for. Will you help us?


Thanks in advance,

Brian, Eric & Rebecca • Stumptown Printers

Eric Bagdonas