New Citybikes cards

Citybikes Biz cards.jpg

Just finished up a business card run for Citybikes, the shop that has been making it easier for Portland to get around by bike since 1986. Usually bikes and printing don’t really overlap, but I think it’s okay to say that Stumptown Printers and Citybikes are like business cousins. Early on when we became a coop, Citybikes helped advise us how to do it, once in the early aughts we considered moving into a shared shop space together, and former Citybikers have worked here (still do). 

With its focus on bicycles for transportation use (both touring and commuting), maintaining a treasure trove of used and vintage parts to rummage through, offering a full range of repair and maintenance services, and generally having a foundational role in shaping Portland’s active transportation culture and lifestyle, Citybikes is one of our favorite local institutions. Thanks, cuz!

Eric Bagdonas