Big thanks!

Another from the archive. Rebecca back in 1999!

Another from the archive. Rebecca back in 1999!

A big thanks, folks, for all the excellent ideas, encouragement, print orders, and store purchases these last couple weeks. All the support has meant the moon to us, and it’s been great to have the excuse to catch up with everyone, check in to see how everyone’s doing. We’ve heard a lot of ideas about potential shop spaces- keep ‘em coming! Judging by your responses, a lot of carpenters, printers, furniture/cabinet makers, stitchers, and fabricators of all kind are pinched for space here in Portland. Keep up the good work, pals, and let’s keep on talking.  

We’re going through our inventory of specialty paper stock, and will be rolling out our first print specials this Friday. We’ll also be offering up some surplus items for sale in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that. There are still a couple tote bags’o surprises and other goodies left in the store if you’d like to grab some nifty print ephemera. 

Thanks again, everyone, and if you find yourselves in the neighborhood, stop by to say hello. 

Eric Bagdonas